Buying a property in The Netherlands can be a very complex journey, especially when you are an expat. You don’t know all the rules and regulations of this country and you may have heard stories about outbidding and not being able to find the right house for the right price. Or perhaps you have heard that the tables are turning and the chances to find the right property are increasing.

Whatever the situation is in the current market, with the help of one of our professional real estate agents, who can guide you through every step of the process, it is possible to find your dream house!


The first step, if you need a mortgage, is that we bring you into contact with an independent mortgage advisor, specialized in expats. This company knows for instance all about the 30 % ruling (if applicable), how to handle foreign income, and they can set your budget. If you already have a mortgage advisor we can start right away!


After your budget is set, we like to get to know you a little bit better. We will talk to you about your wishes and explain to you how the housing market works and if all your wishes are realistic considering your budget. We will set up a complete profile in our search system Copaan. And you will receive a direct e-mail if a new listing meets your requirements. You will receive these matches in real-time, that means you will receive them mostly a day before they are listed on Funda. And sometimes a house is not even officially on the market, but we know it will be up for sale soon. We know the people and the homes in this region, we always stay in close contact with our network.


When you receive a match that you like, you can let us know in your Copaan account. If you react immediately, you can be sure that you will be one of the first to view the property. We will schedule a viewing for you and one of our estate agents will always accompany you in order to give you advice. If you are further interested in the property, our agent will do a thorough background check on the house, they will inspect the property, check the foundations etc. If it is an apartment for instance, the estate agent will make sure to check if there is a solid owners association, so you will not be surprised with any unforeseen costs after buying. During this process, our agents will always be available to answer all of your questions.


If you are willing to make an offer, our real estate agent will advise you of course. Now it’s time to negotiate;  our strong point and key strength. We can act quickly, because together we have already made sure that everything is in order financially. That is to your advantage, you are a solid buyer and we will make sure the seller knows it. In the end we will be successful and you can buy your dream home!


Our agent will guide you through the last phases. The sales agreement will be drawn up and we will review the document. The notary has to be arranged as well as a technical survey of the property. Our agent will accompany you when signing the deed of transfer at the notary and finally, if you wish, even help you set up the utilities. After that we like to stay in touch, we are always available for all of your questions and are only happy when you are!

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